September 25, 2010 until September 30, 2010





The program will be based on a set of formal presentations by invited speakers. Abstracts for presentation, predominantly as posters, will be accepted. In select cases, some abstracts will be presented orally, depending on the quality, quantity, and the extent to which the work complements the subject of a given formal session. There will be ample time for discussion among participants and a strong emphasis on fostering new and collaborative studies to address outstanding questions in the field. Presentations will be in English. We will be publishing the presentations

Silver staining of a bone marrow biopsy (x 400). The wide collagen fibers, which consist primarily of collagen type I appear brownish. The fine reticulin fibers, which consist primarily of collagen type 3, are darker and black (myelofibrosis grade 3)
(picture provided by Hans Kreipe, University of Hannover, Germany)