September 25, 2010 until September 30, 2010













Travel from Munich Airport to Fraueninsel:

  1. Walk from Arrival Gate to Central Area (Zentralbereich) of the airport
  2. Locate DB-Counter (German rail way)
  3. Buy a 2nd class ticket to PRIEN and ask for the next train connections
  4. Go down the escalator to underground (=S-Bahn) (direction to Munich)
  5. You can take either S 8 which takes you directly in 32 minutes to OSTBAHNHOF OR train line S1 which takes you via HAUPTBAHNHOF (central station) in 49 minutes to OSTBAHNHOF. At OSTBAHNHOF you have to change tracks for the train to PRIEN (same ticket).


Departure at airport / Arrival in Prien/Lake Chiemsee:


After arrival in Prien you can take:


the green historical (1887) Chiemsee train leaving only at

    9.40 10.40 11.40 13.00 13.45 15.00 15.50 16.40 17.35 18.35

    which takes you in 8 minutes to the boat dock


    a cab (which is beige) which takes you in 10 minutes for about EUR 6.00 to the boat dock.

1.  From the boat dock boats are leaving for FRAUENINSEL at

    the boat ride takes 30 minutes, the price is EUR 5.00

    2.  From the boat dock at Fraueninsel it takes about 6 minutes to walk to the

    There will be signs to direct you to the entrance

Late arrivals have to take a cab from PRIEN train station to GSTADT (about 10 minutes) from where there is EVENING boat service to the island available.